New Release! Baby, It’s Cold Outside

This book was just nominated for Best Romance at eFestival of Words. I’m so excited!

A blizzard is cold. Deceit is colder. Jenna entices the man of her dreams into providing a haven for the weekend during a New York City blizzard. Her tools are her flirting skills dressed up with a bit of deception. She needs to make amends for the great wrong she did to him five years ago. Tricking him into sex would only add to that wrong.

Though he’s never met Jenna before, Grant is immediately drawn to this blizzard-bopping beach babe. He’ll do her, but he doesn’t do deception. He thinks he’s spotted her minor trickery, but the big secret that blew up his life is waiting in the wings…And things are about to heat up.

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Grant watched Jenna shiver, despite the heat of the blaze that scorched his back. He didn’t know why she wasn’t warming up more quickly. Between the fire and the smoking hot woman in front of him, he might have to venture out into the blizzard himself to cool down. His stupid, clueless body didn’t care how lame her story was.

“How long have you known my sister?” His family was a subject that could kill his libido if anything could.

“Several years. I met Kate when I first moved to Florida. Recently, I took one of the classes she teaches at the community center.”

He nodded neutrally. He didn’t care about the damn classes.”

“You shouldn’t blame Kate for anything I do,” Jenna added. “She doesn’t think I should be let out after dark without a keeper.”

Grant eyed her bedraggled state. “She might have a point—”

“Hey! I did not pop out of a cake! I am not your singing birthday telegram! So you can just stop eyeing me like I’m your playmate du jour.” She bolted upright and her feet hit the floor.

“Calm down.” He moved after her as she stood, and caught her arm. He was a little appalled at the sense of dismay that had whipped through him when she started to leave. “You can’t go. There’s a terrible storm out there.”

“I came in from that storm, and I can go right back out in it. I’m every bit as tough as I look.”

He couldn’t help laughing. “You don’t look tough at all.” Long, golden brown hair, curling a bit now that it was drying. Big brown eyes that managed to look both uncertain and inviting at the same time. And lips as full as Cupid’s arched bow. Just waiting to strike and slay a man.

She wrenched her arm from his hand. “And don’t patronize me.”

He held up a hand and pantomimed wiping the smile off his face. “Okay then. You are tougher than that ten line algorithm I’ve been working on over there.” He jerked his head towards his computer. “Lord knows it doesn’t talk back like you do.”

She stifled a giggle.

But he didn’t feel like laughing any more. Her arm had still been cold and, when he considered the state of her clothes, he couldn’t be surprised.

“There won’t be any cabs out there, anyway,” he reminded her.

“I got a cab to come here.” She edged away from him.

He grasped her arm again, surprised at his own determination to keep her. “That cab driver was real anxious to hit the road and get home. He said the only good thing about this weather was that the streets are deserted.”

“There’s the subway.”

“They have problems in bad weather, too. Besides, the way you’re dressed you can’t go anywhere.” His eyes strayed to her tits for the hundredth time since she’d appeared. Though he tried not to be obvious, a woman couldn’t dress like she did and not expect a man to look.

“You could lend me a sweatshirt.”

He eyed her sexy sandals. Aside from their complete inability to protect her from the snow, he damn well knew what the message was. As would any other man who saw her in them. “I can’t help you with your footwear. And a sweatshirt with your bare legs sticking out—” He shook his head. “Not safe for public viewing.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Are you kidding? You must know you have fabulous legs.”

“A leg man, are you?”

“Nope. More of a boobs and butts guy myself. Since you asked.” He couldn’t help grinning at her flustered face. “But I like anything and everything on the right woman.”

“I am not the right woman for—for whatever you might be implying.”

“Don’t be so defensive. You can’t go anywhere ’til you warm up.” He slung his arm around her shoulders. “I’ve got some body heat to share.” He tugged her to his side.

Wow, she smelled good. Snow and roses. A potent combination. Especially when combined with a barely-there outfit, a rack to die for, and those legs.

He tried to inhale discreetly. She was up to something more than what she’d told him. He knew that for a fact. But he’d been holed up in his apartment for days, working like the devil, and he could definitely use a break. Besides, he really couldn’t send her back out into the blizzard.”

He glanced out the window where the snow fell silently out of the dark sky, backlit by the lights of New York City. Its beauty didn’t hide its dangers. She had no money, no warm clothes, and nowhere to go, unless he chose to believe her story about the friend she could call. Which he didn’t.

But, even if she was a liar, what harm could she do him? He might as well take advantage of the opportunity fate had dropped into his lap. So to speak. Because his lap was the part insisting as loudly as possible that Jenna should stay at least until it got some relief.


“Baby, It’s Cold Outside is hot, hot, hot…perfect for a snowy winter night or ANY night. I read this gem of a book in one sitting! ” (Teri on Amazon)

“This sexy short romance will warm you to your toes. I loved how the reader’s comprehension of the heroine’s initial situation kept changing as the hero discovered more about her. ” (Heather Hiestand on Amazon)

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Welcome to the newest addition to my family:

My oldest daughter always wanted a dog. For various good reasons, we never got one.

This past summer she spent every free moment pining after dogs online. I knew the moment was imminent. Last week she found the puppy she had to have.

He is certainly one of the cutest dogs ever. A cavachon. He has the sweetest personality.  She brought him to our house on Monday. All the neighbors swarmed.

I had to leave the party to make dinner. After dinner, I went upstairs to work. I could hear the party resume in our front yard. I finally decided I’d better go out to chase the kids in to do
homework. What did I see? My neighbors and family, sitting on my driveway, because they couldn’t bear to leave and we had put away our outdoor furniture.

“Well,” I said, “do we know how to entertain or what?”

So I joined the party (abandoning homework for the greater good). One of my neighbors, a senior in high school, a big football player, asked if he could invite his friends over to see this dog. (That’s how cute the puppy is.) So here I am, entertaining friends and strangers, on the driveway. No food. No booze. No one would leave.

Who knew that little bundle of cuteness was an instant party?

And let me close by saying, no one would ever sit on the driveway for the pleasure of my company!

Are your pets a good excuse for a party?

Who had security in her room at Nationals?


I requested a wake-up call for 7 am. Unnecessary, because I always wake up early without an alarm. So 6 am rolls around and I roll out of bed. It’s a beautiful day and I decide to walk around the block. (You don’t get outside much when you’re at conference.)

Got outside and it was so lovely, I decide to walk for a few blocks. See Central Park up ahead and decide I can hit that. Well, an hour later, I return to my room, having forgotten completely about the wake up call. Get in the shower. Hear the phone ringing. Figure they’ll call back. Forget about it.

About 7:45, there’s a knock on my door. I open the door and there is Mr. Big and Scrumptious Security Guy looking down at me. “You didn’t answer the phone so we’re just checking to make sure you’re okay.”

Yes, I was mortified. (I don’t think ‘ditz’ is my best persona.) Yes, if you must know, he was hot. Especially when he smiled at my profuse apologies. No, I did not have the presence of mind to invite him in to check and make sure everything was okay. (That’s for the novel.)

No more wake-up calls for me. But I did manage to check out some workshops.

RWA Nationals 2011 – Notes of Workshops I attended.

Discovering Story Magic by Robin Perini – This is another valuable workshop. The blog is long, but there’s no quiz. Only keep on reading if it’s useful to you.

From Essence to Identity – Michael Hauge – this is possibly the best workshop I attended.

Emotion in your Story – I really liked this workshop because it is very hard to find instructions on how to add emotion. Lindsay Longford and Jennifer Greene had some helpful ideas.

Romance Reviews – Discussion with the “Big 3” – Smart Bitches, Publishers Weekly and Romantic Times.

Spotlight on Avon and Kensington

I will be adding a few more workshop notes later this week.

Travel Blogs

Bicycling in Amsterdam

The Naked Male Tour of Austria

Swimming with Dolphins


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  1. What a great story, Carly! And I’ll definitely be bookmarking this page to come back and check out your workshop write-ups. I missed so many of the good ones this year.

    • Hi Gwen, I actually saw you flash by at Nationals. I was volunteering at editor/agent appts. and you were heading in. It wasn’t the time to stop you and say hello. lol Yes, Nationals was definitely an abundance of riches. No matter where you went, you were missing something else of value.

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