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C’est moi

      ♥ Paris Bound

Instead of working on my website (which would have been far more fun), I spent the evening trying to find a hotel/apartment in Paris (which sounds pretty glamorous, non?).

However, it’s a tedious job.

For our family of five, two hotel rooms are necessary, and that gets expensive very quickly. There are many apartments available for short-term rental, but, how do you know who to trust? Many of the rental agents want cash up front (no credit cards, which at least give you some comfort level).

So, after hours of work, I decided I could not throw caution to the wind and book an apartment with some unknown agent. I found a hotel, not too fancy, but the location was excellent and the price was reasonable (for Paris). I’d read many favorable reviews. And then, I saw a few more reviews that had been written this week. (The internet is amazing.)

Alas, there is a big construction project going on right next door to the hotel. Depending on the report, the noise goes on all night long, or starts at first light. Bummer. Chalk up a wasted evening.

Now I’m having fun.


3 Responses

  1. Hi Carly — I hope this is you from PRO-class! If so, finally! (and if not, sorry ’bout that)

    Your life sounds absolutely exciting, stressful, and like an episode of HGTV! Your novels looks great as well – the Star Necklace esp. I’ve got a hero with an ‘R’ name who is involved with a healer as well, btw (scary)
    And I’m seriously thinking of epubbing, like you.
    Best wishes — thanks for visiting my blog & will see you around blogland : )
    Barb at breedavison.wordpress.com

    • Hey Bree, yes it’s me. Sad to disillusion you, but I don’t have an exciting life. lol. Pretty mundane, in fact. I love my warrior hero and his healer. My neighbor bought the house 2 doors down from mine when she lived in CA. Same house. She had it decorated from afar. First time I went in she had the exact same wallpaper in her kitchen as I had. She had never seen mine. I guess there are only so many combinations of things in the world. Good luck with your story. Feel free to ask if you have any questions about epublishing (I’ve learned a lot.).

  2. Hi Carly
    Thanks for your comment. I really like your site too. The photo is serene and inviting and the red background jazzes it up. The juxtaposition really works. Love your blog too.

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