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Boston Marathon

Today is the running of the Boston Marathon. It’s a cool, sunny day, perfect running weather. And the race goes straight through the center of my town. So we go most every year. In this photo, you can see that people are running flat out. Considering that my town is about the halfway point of the race, they’ve been running for more than 11 miles when they get here. These are runners toward the front of the pack.

Further on, you see some of the dressed up runners, brides, clowns, etc., though we did see a man carrying a large American flag in this group. I told my daughter to try to get a picture of a hot guy, but, alas, our time was limited. I have seen some exceptional male specimens in the past, wearing gray t-shirts with Navy emblazoned on them.

Boston holds a lot of marathon records.

  • Boston has the world’s oldest marathon, begun in 1897.
  • Boston also holds the record for the all time highest number of participants in a marathon- 38,708 entrants in 1996
  • Today a world record* for running a marathon was set by Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya with a time of 2:03:02. Congratulations to him!

It’s a state holiday in Mass., though not because of the Marathon. It’s Patriots’ Day, and not because of the football team either! No, this holiday commemorates the start of the American Revolution when the British marched from Boston to Concord and Lexington, and hostilities were opened on the Lexington Green. The famous ride of Paul Revere was taken at this time to warn the colonists of the approach of the British.

On a side note, consider the importance of names. Everyone knows the famous opening of Longfellow’s poem: “Listen my children and you will hear Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere-”

William Dawes rode with Revere. But what rhymes with Dawes? So how many people know he was part of the duo? 

*His time won’t count as a world record, though he ran the fastest time ever for a marathon. The reason is the race course is a “net downhill” meaning it slopes down too much, which makes the course easier than some others.


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  1. Know what you mean about your town. We get bike riders, the Lance Armstrong & Crew coming through here regularly. They close off our downtown. Not as big as Boston, and not as well known, but we are much smaller.

    Nice site. Has a great look.

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