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In the springtime, the events keep coming right up, don’t they? Yesterday, my oldest child graduated from college! It’s a big day, representing basically a lifetime-to-date of hard work.

College graduation is a life-defining moment for the whole family. This particular bird is leaving the nest for good. Though we are delighted that she found a good job and an apartment with roommates, it is a moment of finality. I find it difficult to let go, though I’m not worried about her ability to live on her own and provide for herself. She got the job. She got the apartment. For some reason, I find it difficult to stop buying things for her, though I think it’s important for her to become financially independent.

In what I consider to be her first adult act, she and her housemates organized and executed a lovely dinner party for all of their families on Saturday night. She didn’t ask us for one penny. My husband and I were touched by her desire to offer this contribution to our weekend of celebration.

Of course, we know many of her friends after their four years together, and it was fun to see them graduate as well. I have a nephew who also graduated from college yesterday, and a niece who graduated from a graduate program in business. Plus one more niece will graduate next week. Whew. It’s hard to keep track.

What are you celebrating this spring?


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