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The warrior Ronan travels to the far reaches of the galaxy to search for his missing brother. He cannot stay on a planet where all outsiders are killed. But when he crosses paths with the healer, Lata, who is sacrificing her virginity in a sacred rite to help her countrywomen, he cannot leave her to her unkind fate. With passion and love simmering between them, Lata is faced with an agonizing choice when Ronan is mortally wounded by her countrymen. Must she fulfill the promise made when she was chosen to wear the Star Necklace – a promise to help her countrywomen? Or can she find a way to take Ronan off-planet to save his life?

4 Lips from Merrylee at 2 Lips Reviews:

“Ms. Carson excels in her character development. Galatea and Ronan are a compelling couple, perfect for each other in every way. The way Ms. Carson developed and wove their love for each other is brilliant, because in the end, it’s what keeps them both alive.”

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Tory “Scarlet” Monroe has had a lot of practice in the fine art of running away, but this time, she’s stopped short in the small town of Lovestruck, Tennessee. She was just trying to cool off, honest she was, so why does everyone think she flashed that oncoming truck on purpose? Not her fault if the trucker can’t stay in his lane and stare at her 38Cs at the same time.

Sheriff Rand Hart traded big city police work for the calm and easy beat of his small home town. When Scarlet arrives like a hurricane, there goes his quiet life and his peace of mind. But he’s no fool. He knows she’s lying, and he’s bound to find out why. And he’s not too dainty to use those handcuffs in ways they never taught at the police academy. Now Scarlet is wanted by the law. And the law always gets what he wants.

Please read an excerpt here.

5 Blue Ribbons by Chrissy Dionne of Romance Junkies
Scarlet and the Sheriff captured my attention from the very first page and never ceased to amuse me throughout the entire storyline.  Tory’s off the cuff comments and unexpected actions had me giggling as I eagerly anticipated Rand’s reactions.  I have to tell you for an upstanding sheriff he’s full of surprises and definitely not lacking in creative ways to seduce Tory.  The way they interact with each other had me snickering one minute and hot and bothered the next.  Carly Carson has definitely proven herself a noteworthy author in my opinion and I’ll certainly be on the lookout for more of her stories.

5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews (Rachel C.)
I loved Scarlet, watching her talk her way out of one tight spot after another had me smiling and eagerly turning pages to see what trouble she’d get into next. Rand is one hunky sheriff and …they spark off each other from the beginning and once things started heating up there was no stopping them. The sex is hot but also emotional, the feelings and trust weaved in to each word and gesture. Ms. Carson’s voice is light and flirty and … she delivers an entertaining read, one well worth spending your money on.

4 Stars from Romantic Times (Donna M. Brown)
After a lusty male captures a spirited heroine in this humorous and sexy novella, she uses every wile in her repertoire to fight him off. This clever plot is enhanced by witty dialogue and entertaining secondary characters.

Rating:  4 by ~~Thia McClain ~ Ultimate Romance Coordinator
Fun, flirtatious, and sexy – Scarlet and the Sheriff has plenty of it in spades. A sassy-mouthed woman and a dominant male are the perfect pairing for some seriously sexy encounters. This is a short story, but it packs a lot of all the right ingredients. If you are looking for a fast and witty read, this is one ultimate romance for you!

Just Erotic Romance Reviews  (Heather Nestorick)
Scarlet has a great attitude despite being dumped. She embraces her sexuality and takes what she wants. I enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun way to spend the afternoon. (Debra Gaynor)
Hot, steamy, action-packed, and hilarious.

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